Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions have eased off, Australians have been spending more time outdoors than ever before. Homeowners have renovated theirpatios, backyards and pool areas over the last few years so that they can enjoy their time under the sun with friends and family. 

Outdoor dining has also become extremely popular among people. It’s because they feel safe in an open environment. Pandemic restrictions had limited indoor dining at a few restaurants and cafes too. That’s why many business enterprises have introduced alfresco options.

And, in order to enjoy their time outdoors, most people have installed outdoor umbrellas in Australia. This device provides both shade, a much-needed component in sunny Australia, and style. Be it a courtyard, swimming pool area, simple restaurant patio, or bustling beer garden, umbrellas have been one of the most sought-after products.

The residential or commercial umbrellas provide you with shade against the weather elements, both rain and shine, and help you stay cool in searing heat. However, with so many options in the market, you could tend to get confused as to which umbrella — cantilever or patio — to buy. Luckily, we are here to guide you.

Read on to know which outdoor umbrellas in Australia you should buy to decorate your outdoor space:

Types of outdoor umbrellas

There are various kinds of outdoor umbrellas that might fit your different needs and situations. The most common styles include the cantilever and patioumbrellas. Let’s give you a detailed account of how each of these umbrellas differs from one another and which one might best suit your needs.

  • Cantilever umbrellas: A cantilever umbrella is a device wherethe umbrella beam holds the canopy on one end and is supported at the other end. While the majority of these umbrellas have offset posts and bases, they come with wall-mounted options too.

The best part about cantilever umbrellas is that they offer a lot of free space below and promise maximum shade at all times by changing the angle and tracking the sun’s movements. They also allow you to raise or lower the umbrella height from the ground with little or no difficulty.

Versatile and stylish, a cantilever umbrella is a must-have accessory if you have a restaurant or resort with plenty of guests to accommodate in your outdoor area. These days, it is common to see these commercial umbrellas installed in amusement parks, water parks and playgrounds as their go-to shade solution.

Cantilever umbrellas are a great choice when it comes to outdoor and patio umbrellas. They are extremely popular for their quality and innovative technology. These umbrellas are well-constructed, with the flexibility to rotate 360 degrees, and shield UV rays from all angles.

  • Patio umbrellas: Built with superior quality and heavy-duty marine-grade materials, patio umbrellas are tough, and practical devices, and offer heavy-duty protection from hot sun or rain for commercial and residential places. These umbrellas, whichalso provide individualised shade, not only shelter occupants sitting underneath but also protect outdoor furniture like dining tables and chairs from damage due to exposure to direct sunlight, particularly on hot summer days.

Originally manufactured for outdoor home or recreational use, patio umbrellas are extensively used to shade a patio or outdoor dining tables in backyards, cover an outdoor kitchen and small seating areas in commercial spaces like hotels, resorts and outdoor spots used for relaxation and entertaining.

A patio umbrella can be inserted through a table or fitted into a well-constructed stand. One can also use a weighted base for additional ballast, but the table brace is often enough to provide the required balance and stability. A weighted base is considered optional or only needed during windy conditions.

Such café umbrellas are ideal for a low-cost solution, as it reduces maintenance costs and repair expenses across the board, saving you money in the long term.

  • Wall-mounted umbrellas: These umbrellas, mainly used in outdoor cafes, can be mounted on almost any wall which gives you the flexibility to sculpt your shade, ideal for patios, balconies and decks. In fact, if you are looking for the type of outdoor umbrella that can fit in small spaces, these are ideal. You can also remove the café umbrellas easily from their mount when not in use.


Outdoor umbrellas in Australia are a crucial part of your outdoor decor and one of the most popular outdoor furniture accessories for your patio, deck, pool or backyard. Whether it is for residential purposes or lounging poolside, high-quality outdoor umbrellas in a variety of sizes, styles, and shapes can help you stay cool under the sun.

The umbrellas complement the area without sacrificing style or comfort. It is crucial to have a good amount of shade to keep you and your visitors comfortable and safe from the sun. Choosing the perfect outdoor umbrella can be difficult, but if you go through the above-mentioned tips, you can make an informed choice!