Since its introduction in 1992, the Subaru Impreza has been offered to drivers all over the globe in both sedan & hatchback body types and four trim levels: basic, premium, limited, and sport.

Due to the all-wheel drive, turbocharged WRX models have been available since 1994 and have gained a considerable reputation. Here are the benefits of buying the Impreza model from Subaru if you're trying to decide which vehicle to buy from the brand.

Impressive Features of the Subaru Impreza

Check out this impressive list of characteristics that the Subaru’s Impreza claims about if you are thinking about buying one:

  • Standard all-wheel drive for better performance
  • A continuously variable automatic gearbox (CVT) is an optional addition to the normal five-speed manual transmissions 
  • Cargo space of at least 12.3 cubic feet
  • 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine with 152 horsepower
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible StarLink infotainment systems include a four-speaker sound system, Bluetooth, USB port, and an Aha smartphone app integration.
  • Automated climate control
  • A start push-button
  • Keyless entry using proximity
  • Moonroof
  • Stereo with six speakers
  • Harman Kardon stereo with eight speakers
  • HD and Satellite Radio
  • 8-inch touch-screen navigator
  • The EyeSight suite of safety technologies, which includes forward automated emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, lane assist, and lead vehicle start alert.
  • Additional safety features include automatic high-beam headlights, reverse automated emergency braking, and blind spot monitoring.

What Makes It Worth Buying More Than Other SUVs?

The Subaru’s Impreza model comes with a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty. The Impreza has standard all-wheel drive, unlike most SUVs, which gives it a significant advantage over many of its competitors in dependability.

The Subaru Impreza includes a standard rearview camera, which is another safety aspect. Subaru made the EyeSight safety system a requirement for its 2020 model in vehicles with continuously variable automatic transmissions like the Impreza. Moreover, the EyeSight safety feature (adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, lane assist, front automated emergency braking, forward collision warning, and a lead vehicle start alert function, notifying you when a car in front of you starts moving after stopping.)

Additional safety measures increase the dependability of the Impreza on the road. The Impreza sports blind spot monitoring, automatic high-beam headlights, rear cross-traffic warning, and reverse automatic emergency braking.

Why You Should Purchase It

Aside from the points given beforehand, here's the highlight of why buying Subaru's Impreza model will benefit you. With a low starting price, the Impreza model is a cost-effective car. The ride quality of the automobile is well-balanced, and the steering is rapid. The Impreza is very affordable and equipped with valuable technical and safety features. It also consumes gasoline stunningly efficiently.

Only the Subaru Impreza has an all-wheel drive system installed in a tiny automobile. The Subaru Impreza's all-wheel-drive system provides much better road traction by distributing power among all four wheels in wet and dry conditions. It is safer to drive on wet roads than many of its closest rivals.

The EyeSight security system is a compulsory safety feature on newer Subaru’s Impreza vehicles. Advanced lane-keeping assistance, front emergency braking, lane departure warning, and adaptive cruise control are all included in the EyeSight suite of driver-aid features.

Five passengers may fit in the Impreza's luxurious leather inside with ease. This provides comfort on lengthy flights because of its wide seats and excellent visibility. The Impreza includes two complete sets of LATCH connections for the model's rear outboard seats, making it suitable for families with young children. The center seat in the back has an upper tether that can lend a lower rope from either side. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety granted this LATCH system its highest grade of Good+ for a more practical application.

Furthermore, for drivers who wish to link mobile smartphones with their cars regularly, newer versions are also quite affordable and have attractive features. In addition to a USB connector, a four-speaker music system, Bluetooth, and an Aha smartphone app integration, the Impreza has an easy-to-use infotainment system called StarLink, interoperable with both Android Auto & Apple CarPlay.

Insurance Cost

We could discuss if the insurance is pricey because we are already discussing the Impreza model. Like other auto insurance rates, the price of Subaru insurance will depend on several variables, including your age, driving record, and the insurance category your Subaru may be in.

Well, a Subaru Impreza's monthly insurance premiums average around $227. This comes to an annual expense of $2,274. 

Drivers searching for affordable insurance would be delightfully pleased by low premium rates on their famous line of automobiles. The Subaru Impreza's strong safety ratings have contributed to impact insurance pricing.


The Impreza is a renowned small vehicle with at least 12.3 cubic feet of roomy inside space and is well-equipped with valuable tools and controls. Therefore, you can get the Subaru Impreza if you're seeking a low-cost but high-quality vehicle to acquire as your first vehicle. It has become relatively well-known over time.