Do you have any plans to visit Western Australia soon? If so, Margaret River is the perfect calm, lovely destination. The region is a wine lover's or foodie's paradise, and it caters to all types of travellers with cultural opportunities, exciting activities, and breathtaking natural vistas. Margaret Rivers tours from Perth, WA are a terrific way to reach the region whether you're an interstate or foreign traveller—you'll have an expert escorting you to all the top attractions and won't have to hire a car. 

Margaret Rivers Tours From Perth Activities You Shouldn't Miss

There is nothing quite like the anticipation that comes with Christmas preparation. On the other hand, choosing a place that offers something for everyone might take a lot of work. The activities listed below are must-dos when staying in and enjoying the Margaret River region.

Enjoy a Coastal Sunset

The city of Margaret River is ideal for taking in breathtaking sunsets because of its proximity to the seaside. Just try to picture the sky filled with brilliant pinks and oranges. To reach one of the viewpoint sites along the shore and enjoy the greatest view over the ocean, you will need to travel just outside of town to go to one of the viewing spots.

Explore Subterranean Caverns

There are four caverns to explore, making it one of the most popular activities in Margaret River. These vast caves are coated in stunning limestone crystal formations. Each cave is unique, and although some enable you to explore independently, others require a guided tour.

Go Surfing

The second most important reason to go to Margaret River is to go surfing, which is why the town became so popular in the first place. It is one of the most well-known places in the world to go surfing since it has a wide variety of beaches and varied waves, making it suitable for novice and experienced surfers. Several beaches are perfect for people who are just starting. You may hire instructors and surf schools where you can rent boards and other beach equipment.

Swim in Injidup Natural Spa

A natural spa favoured by many residents is around 35 minutes from town (north of Margaret River). The Injidup Natural Spa is a pool between two rock formations where the ocean waves smash, continually filling with fresh saltwater. Because it isn't too deep, the temperature is beautiful, warm enough on windy days but delightfully cool on hot days. The main disadvantage is that it is a popular tourist destination that is generally crowded during peak season. Nonetheless, it's a lovely little oasis near the Indian Ocean that you won't want to miss.

Take a Trip Along the Margaret River In a Canoe or Kayak

Getting out on the water on the Margaret River itself is one of the most enjoyable things to do in the Margaret River area (the river that the town is named after). One may begin their exploration of the place by renting a kayak, canoe, or stand-up paddleboard at the beach, which is located near the river's mouth. Because there are no roads or hiking paths in this area, the only way to explore this section of the river is by going out on the water itself.

Take a Wine Tour

Did you know that Australia is the world's fifth-largest wine-producing country? Margaret River produces the greatest wine in Australia. It is the main reason why people come to Margaret River. Even if you're not a huge wine fan, here is the site where you'll fall in love with it. Of course, depending on your budget, there are several wine excursions.

Travel to Hamelin Bay

Hamelin Bay is a famous tourist destination near Margaret River. It's 25 minutes from town and noted for the captivating stingrays that live in the shallow waters on the beach. The water is so clear that you can see them even standing on the shore. If you're lucky, one of these magnificent creatures will swim up to you (they are harmless, do not step on them).

Visit an Artisanal Chocolate Factory

Of course, visiting vineyards and breweries is always enjoyable, but seeing a chocolate factory on the same day is unique. When you go to a new place, you want to immerse yourself in the culinary culture and sample what makes this region of the globe unique. The chocolate will undoubtedly appeal to you if you have a sweet craving. In Margaret River, you may visit various chocolatiers to learn about chocolate-making and have a guided sampling.

Visit Rotary Park

There are public BBQ grills (bring your burgers), picnic tables, a children's playground, and a river bridge. Across the river lies the "ancient village," which has early settlers' structures such as a milking shed and a dairy. There are several walking pathways around Rotary Park. Some are brief, while others are longer for those searching for a full-day adventure.


Margaret River is an excellent playground for food and wine enjoyment, catching a wave, discovering fascinating caverns, and admiring the breathtaking scenery. Whether you join one of the guided Margaret Rivers tours from Perth or drive from Perth to Margaret River, this is unquestionably the best place to visit.