The many forms of refrigeration, such as walk-in coolers and freezers, are some of the most crucial components of kitchen equipment in the commercial food industry. When commercial refrigeration Perth equipment fails, it might disrupt how a restaurant operates on a given day. A restaurant may be forced to close permanently or temporarily in severe conditions.

Luckily, knowing about typical refrigeration issues can save one of your company's most critical assets. You may also practise prevention and learn some basic repair techniques. With the appropriate knowledge, you can feel confident that your commercial refrigeration system is in good working order.

The Common Problems With Commercial Refrigeration

Some of the most typical commercial refrigeration Perth equipment issues include:

The Food Is Not Cold Yet

Temperatures that are not cold yet are a common concern with commercial refrigeration systems. When the temperature of an equipment piece isn't cooled sufficiently, food is more prone to spoilage, allowing harmful microorganisms and unpleasant aromas to proliferate.

Incorrectly Tracking Temperatures of Thermostats

Because thermostats control temperatures in any equipment, they may cause meals to spoil. If they are wrong, the actual temperature may be excessively high, causing food to spoil.

Compressor Issues

Your commercial refrigerator will only run effectively if the evaporator and compressor are operational. If the compressor fails, the refrigerant is compressed, and hot gas is sent to the condenser. If you do not even notice that consistent humming noise or have excessive electricity bills, there's a probability it's a compressor problem.

Keep them clean regularly and follow the recommendations in the owner's manual. If the condenser is overheating or the evaporator is freezing, it's always great to get it checked out by a qualified expert.

Worn Out Refrigeration Coils

Coils may become troublesome when they get frozen or unclean, and they are often destroyed when the temperature in a piece of commercial refrigeration Perth equipment is not appropriately maintained.

Unfamiliar and Loud Noises

Loud sounds might signal a problem with a system component like the motors, fans, compressor, or other parts. Regardless of the faults suspected or detected, having a professional expert regularly inspect and service your commercial refrigeration equipment is always a good idea.

It is essential to have commercial refrigeration repairs regularly to avoid severe issues from arising and disrupting the way your company operates on any given day.

Ice Buildup In the Fridge

Ice formation inside a commercial refrigerator is typical when warm air from the outside enters and compresses on inner surfaces. Ice or frost forming within refrigerated compartments may signal issues, including insufficient air circulation, poor door gaskets, refrigerant leakage, or doors that are opened too often or left open for too long.

Before contacting expert commercial coolroom repairs, verify the temperatures and length of the defrost cycle.

Tips for Avoiding Common Commercial Refrigeration Issues

Many small issues that arise in commercial refrigeration Perth systems may be avoided. By inspecting every component of the refrigeration equipment for proper operation, you may avoid several faults that might cost you a lot of time and money. Here are some more simple tips:

  • Replace worn components immediately. If you discover a worn or obsolete item when cleaning or doing maintenance checks, replace it immediately. You may forget, resulting in a total fridge breakdown at the most unexpected time.
  • Clean the equipment regularly. Cleaning refrigerated equipment improves its efficiency. It also helps to decrease wear and tear. When washing, you may notice issues with your cooler and freezer that you would have missed otherwise.
  • Conduct routine upkeep. Schedule inspections of any business refrigeration equipment by a competent commercial refrigeration expert. The more regularly you operate the refrigeration system, the more often it should be inspected.

Simple Problems With Instant Solutions

Try these instant solutions for common commercial refrigeration issues:

  • Check for defects. Regularly inspect refrigeration equipment for defects. Thermostats and other components must be examined and serviced regularly to avoid major issues disrupting your whole work day.
  • Look for fan blades. It would be best if you cleaned the fan blades regularly. Remove any protective coverings and clean each fan blade individually. This will enable it to function correctly and prevent nearby elements of the device from overheating.
  • Clean the equipment frequently. Washing the refrigeration equipment's components will help avoid many issues, especially with coils and fans. Using a dry dust cloth to wipe down equipment that employs static electricity to trap dirt and dust particles may help keep coils clean and dry.


You should now have a better understanding of the level of care necessary to maintain the commercial refrigeration Perth equipment in your firm effectively. You can keep things up and running with little downtime if your team provides frequent service and maintenance, routine expert inspections, and coolroom repairs.

If you ever experience any of the commercial refrigeration Perth issues discussed above, don't hesitate to call a professional before severe harm happens. You may lessen commercial refrigeration difficulties by creating a routine that includes bi-annual expert servicing.