Trello, a cloud-based visual collaboration tool that can be used by organizations of all sizes to plan tasks or projects, is Trello. It helps users to define projects, requirements, and workflows and ensures that they are completed in a structured manner. Trello software allows you to organize your projects into boards and gives you an overview of the ongoing work. The BQE Core was created to help engineering companies with billing and time tracking. It is up-to-date and provides reports, timesheets, and dashboards to help manage specifics.

This guide to BQE Core vs Trello will provide a detailed overview of the software's main features and pricing. Continue reading to find out more about these two programs.

BQE Core Software

BQE Core integrates time and expense tracking, project management, billing, and accounting. To meet the needs of professional service firms, it was designed by Engineers, Architects, and Certified Public Accountants. It has powerful features that are easy to use and can be used to help businesses increase their cash flow. This includes accelerating the billing process and significantly improving their ability to monitor and manage performance.

These are the key features of BQE core software:


You can monitor all operations using the dashboard. To determine if the project needs assistance, you can check its status. Users can share their dashboards with others to improve communication and accountability. Real-time data access can also help prevent losses and identify gaps.

Project Management

BQE Core offers many options for project management. To determine the interdependence of teams, budgets, or schedules, you can integrate them. You can also monitor the progress of each project and avoid any surprises or dangers. You can also calculate overhead, GA, and fringe in real-time. The project management tools can be used to manage the budget and operations of the project.

Time and Expense Training

You can use time and expense tracking features to record precise information. Intelligent and pre-populated sheets, for example, will help you avoid data entry mistakes. You will also receive reminders to help you stay on track and meet project deadlines. You can track all information related to time, such as vacation and overhead, when it comes down to projects. Smart timecards can be used to record information like billing and payroll efficiency. You can also pause and play timecards to improve time tracking precision.

BQE Core Pricing

BQE Core selling price is not available as the company values the ability to customize a plan to meet your needs. You can request a free estimate via the website. Overall, the BQE Core reviews portray the software as a positive and encouraging experience. These evaluations show that the software has superior tools for creating project updates and invoices.

Trello Software

Trello Software allows for collaboration across all types of work. Trello cards are used to organize tasks. These can be arranged on a Trello board using a drag-and-drop interface. This Kanban board-style view is important in the Standard plan and the free version of project management software. Premium and Enterprise customers have additional capabilities and perspectives.

Some of the Trello software features have been mentioned as follows:

Integrated System

Trello syncs data across all devices including mobile, tablet and desktop. The Butler AI chatbot automates small projects and repetitive tasks, which saves time and effort for teams when assigning tasks. Power-Ups allow teams to integrate third-party apps with technologies they already have.

Multiple Views

Teams can use the Table view to create a sortable, filterable spreadsheet-style list for projects that span multiple boards. The Dashboard view provides a summary of team performance and their progress. The Calendar view gives you a monthly overview of project management. It also features a drag-and-drop interface that allows you to modify the start and due dates. The Map views group locations on cards and visualizes these data on a map in one click.

Trello Cards

Trello cards allow users to organize work and tasks. Users can label them, sort them, and then move between phases of project management. Each card can be clicked to add task descriptions and comments and view an activity stream. You can add members, checklists, due dates, file attachments, and even create checklists. You can also show samples from other applications like Google Drive and YouTube.

Trello Pricing

Trello software has four pricing options. They can be chosen by users according to their preferences. These are the listed:

Free Trial

Although the free edition is available, it is limited to ten team boards. Unlimited Power-Ups, 250 workspace command executions per month, up to 10MB per file attachments, JSON data exports, and workspace customizations.


The standard pricing model costs $5 per month. It is suitable for teams that want to work together. Trello gives you all the tools necessary to run your business effectively. There are many layouts and boards that you can use.


This bundle can be purchased for $10 per user, which is approximately 100 people. Users will have access to a variety of collaboration tools that include visualizations of deadlines, reporting tools, and response tools.


Trello's Enterprise Pricing Model is priced based on how many users Trello has registered. Standard and Premium plans include Powerup, sharing, an enterprise license, an accessible board, and an overall efficient strategy.

Final Thoughts

Trello provides time tracking, collaboration, Gantt charts, percentage complete tracking, task scheduling, and Gantt charts. BQE Core, on the other hand, offers expense tracking, reimbursement management, time tracking, accounts payable, and receivable management, among other similar features. The guidelines above will help you decide which software is best for you.