Before we get too deep on links and blogs, first lets talk about Off Page SEO and what that is. This tutorial teaches you everything you need to know about SEO and link building -- so that you can leverage your skills as a writer to generate valuable backlinks for your company or clients.

Link building is an essential part of any SEO strategy, and it can boost the rankings of your site. Link building is the process of getting other websites to link to pages on your site in order to help it rank better in Googles search results. There are a lot of tactics and strategies out there to help you gain links from other websites to your pages.    .

If you want to rank high on the search engines for a website page, then links are almost a must. Google is almost certain to consider a page with 100,000 links to be more authoritative than a page with 1,0000 links. I guarantee that a page that ranks at the top will have tons of links (assuming that the keyword has a substantial amount of search volume, obviously). If you want to rank higher on organic search keywords, then building links is what you should be focused on.    .

If you just focus on getting links, you can get hit with lots of links from poor-quality sites. The best way to get backlinks is by writing articles for other high-quality websites. Guest blogging for high authority websites using high-quality content is one of the best ways to gain valuable links.    

To be completely honest with you, you should think about guest blogging as a way of building recognition, not only for building links to your website. For the purposes of this article, we are going to focus on guest posting to build links. Most websites that accept guest posts have a policy page spelling out if they allow links, as well as how many links you are allowed to include with your guest post.    .

To start your link-building campaign, you will need first to get a list of websites that accept guest posts. To use guest blogs to build links, you must first find the sites relevant to the topic and that are accepting guest posts. In other words, guest blogging is a two-way street -- so, when you choose to engage in guest blogging, consider featuring the guest bloggers posts on your site, since this is one of the worthy link building techniques.    

While there are a lot of paths for your off-page SEO strategy, the two most common are link building and guest blogging. Black-hat link building techniques usually involve paying bloggers and websites to publish badly written articles which contain backlinks back to their site. That said, there is little discussion in the SEO community about different strategies that link builders employ when creating guest-post content.    

With that said, there are a few link-building techniques that can help your site get more quality links, faster - and eventually, rank better than the competition. When it comes to link building strategies, you have to understand the differences among the various types of backlinks, so that you can direct your efforts towards those links that will yield better results for your rankings and visibility. No matter what link building strategy you are using, you NEED to make sure the links are relevant in context to the site or page that you are trying to obtain the link from.    

One of the best ways to make sure that happens is by using a link-building strategy to get yourself listed in Googles search engine results pages, or SERPs. Link building is one of the most crucial steps that you must take in order to boost the overall ranking of your website on Google searches.    

In fact, Google has gone so far as to say that links on your website are one of their two most important criteria in ranking websites, with the other being content. Link building is one of the explicit ranking factors from Google: links from other websites to yours are signals for Google to say, Hey, this website knows what it is talking about. If you have built lots of links on your page, but it is still ranking badly, do not accuse this tutorial of misleading you.    

Say, you are looking for a guide to link building for SEO, and stumble upon a website that simply covers the basics, not going into depth about the whys and hows behind a post. When in doubt, throw an infographic into the mix that will help your content gain more shares and links. If all else fails, make a quality infographic that attracts links.    

Next, mention high-profile influencers in your posts to have a better shot of getting links. Use search engines to look for potential link prospects for your future content. You can use tools such as Moz Link Explorer, and dig into links on competitors sites.    .

While your page may indeed be ten times better than the pages that are owned by them (which is why it is getting so many natural links in the first place), if they are skillful enough to build links, then your competitors may be able to overtake you anyway. Building links for affiliate content (similar to product pages) can be a lot harder than for your typical blog-type informative content. Works means that you should strive for some links on the homepage, of course, but that you should concentrate link-building efforts on a particular page (content -- a blog post).    

For SEO purposes, you want to actually be building links with keyword-rich anchor text, not hyperlinked URLs. We do lots of experiments posting links, videos, maps, content from My Maps on social media platforms, and then incorporating links into Web2.0, websites, pages, PBNs, in order to create relevancy and cross-links. Tend has been studied on a large scale by a lot of SEO companies, and the correlation between how many websites are linking to a page and its ranking position on Google has always been positive.    .

If you do not, check the bios of other guest bloggers to get an idea what you can -- and cannot -- do with links. The Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging written by Brian Dean on Backlinko is one of the best posts I have read covering this link-building tactic, and it has greatly influenced my guest posting strategy. In this post, I am sharing my secrets about 11 powerful link building strategies that will help you increase website traffic, rank better in the search engines, and get more business.